Retrieval based learningThis feature incorporates some of the key educational research into the cognitive science as to the most effective methods for students to learn.

1. Retrieval based practice: Content is pulled from different subjects, inlcuding How Science Works and general Maths. 

2. Spaced learning: The time interval before a student gets that same peice of key knowledge will incraese or decrease dependign on a student’s answer. 

3. Varying practice and support: The level of difficluty for each particular of Key Knowledge increases as a student progresses.  

Students learn through a series of flashcards, quizzes and short videos.

Content is broken down into bite sized chunks and tailored to each user. Our intelligent algorithm works out what students’ know and don’t know.

This should help you maximise your learning and therefore progress and help you achieve the best you can.

Personalised learning

Simply select the content you want to students to learn, when you want to it to start and then our sophisticated software will set differentiated content and materials set based on ability. Students will then receive personalised content based on their individual responses.

Our intelligent software does this in such a way that it’s personalised so that every single student always gets the right questions for them, at the right level of difficulty at the right time.

If a student gets a question right, they move up a ‘level’. As they move up through the mastery levels the difficulty of the question will increase and so will the period before they next see that question.

This means you can concentrate on learning rather than planning your learning.

However, we also understand that there’s no point just constantly ‘weighing the pig’ (legal note: we realise that students. aren’t pigs). Therefore we also put in place resources to support students learning and understanding the content.

To do this we supply students with flashcards and videos.