100's of videos that support students understanding of the content

Thanks to and other youtubers we’re able to supply students with videos for almost all points within the specification in order to support their understanding of the science GCSE content.

You have the option to set these videos as a specific task, which can be useful for making up lost time or for interleaving, or  as help videos for any other task. The latter option provides students with supporting their understanding of a topic and can be used to help them if they get stuck.

Alternatively you can also add your own links. Perhaps videos you’ve made in school or links from youtube that you think are helpful for your students.

Cost : Included for free under any package as the videos are sourced from youtube

Quick Info

  • GCSE relevant videos only
  • Videos can be automatically assigned to tasks to save teachers time. This can provide support for students struggling to understand a a key topic
  • See how long students are spending watching the videos
  • Add your own selection of videos to your video bank
  • Students can search the database and find quality GCSE relevant support videos any time they wish
  • Best of all there's no extra charge