Tracking & Reporting

Track the progress of your students against the GCSE Science content over the years to build up a detailed, robust picture

ScienceSurgery offers several reports which enable you to track the progress of your students. You can analyse the results by year group, class or individual student.

One report shows you how student performed in a particular task. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses and importantly, how long a student spent on a task (great for parents evening or feeding back on quality of home learning).

Example of a report for a specific task:

Another report provides continuous tracking throughout the GCSE Science course and detailed analysis of each pupil’s progress by subject, topic and subtopic. Allowing you to identify pupil strengths and weaknesses and from this, set personalised targeted home learning in order to support the progress in any weaker areas.

Example report

There is no additional fee for the tracking of your students. However, you will only be able to track the progress for the features that you have chosen for your school, e.g if you only purchase the key knowledge feature then you will only be able to track the progress of this data.

Quick Info

  • Laptop and more tools available during the courses
  • Online course content access
  • SMS and Email notification
  • Affordable course fee
  • Dedicated Course Trainer